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About making assumptions

One of the biggest challenges we all must deal with is not making assumptions. We tend to assume what our customers need and what each stakeholder cares about; we make those assumptions because sometimes it's the easy way. Besides, we do that in our personal life as well. It's all connected. Based on our internal and emotional structure, we start building scenarios. And the story we tell ourselves might lead to misunderstandings, conflict, and dissatisfaction.

From a Customer Success perspective, I am a big fan of conversations: questions, dialogue, some more questions, and laying our cards on the table. Openness, transparency. Communication.

I never heard anyone complain about CSMs asking too many questions. But if we do, it's because we care. We need to know how we can better support our customers and improve our product to suit their needs and make their lives easier.

To all the CSMs out there, my recommendation is: be curious. Research, ask, confirm, act. Don't settle for making assumptions. You might be right sometimes, but why risk it when you can ask what you need to know?

Be curious. And be kind. Always.

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