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How to (better) perform the CS role?

I have recently been asked for advice on (better) performing the Customer Success Manager role.

There is no perfect recipe on how to perform Customer Success Management. It's all about continuously adapting to several aspects: to the holistic context, the industry, the customer segmentation - if any, to the customer itself, to the requirements, the expectations, to the person, the personality, etc.

It's all about being present, paying attention, actively listening, sometimes even reading between the lines, communicating transparently, and always being kind.

However, if I had to give some advice to new Customer Success Managers, it would be this:

1. Fall in love with your company's product.

2. Use the product, understand it, learn about its strengths and pain points, challenge it, debate, and brainstorm with the Product Team.

3. Have a clear picture of the value that product can bring your customers if they make the most of it by adopting all the available features they need.

You are the Product Ambassador in front of your customers. Trust the product yourself before asking others to do the same.

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