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I strongly believe that there are no coincidences and I apply this belief to my professional development as well. All the opportunities and all the so-called failures, which I choose to see as learnings, presented themselves to me at the right time to bring me where I am today. And today, I am one of those happy people doing what they love. 

If you like to communicate, help people get successful, build processes and workflows, train and mentor other people, and strategize your next moves while placing kindness as your starting point value, you are in the right place.

If you want to land a
Customer Success Manager Role
Choose from the options below

Discovery Session

Is the CSM Role right for you?

Self- Assessment


1-hour session

50 EUR

Interview Preparation

Interview tips & tricks

Panel Interview presentation Role-plays

1-hour session

80 EUR

Resume Preparation

Resume Creation tips & tricks

Resume Review

1-hour session

60 EUR

Coaching Sessions

Tips & tricks on how to manage difficult situations, conversations & customers

1-hour session

90 EUR

If you want to build a 

Customer Success Department

Choose from the options below


CS Department

Building processes

Creating Playbooks

Discovery session 


1-hour session

100 EUR

CS Department

Hiring the right people


Interview focus

Training structure

1-hour session

100 EUR

CS Department

Designing the team

Assigning tasks based on talent

Talent Assessment

Project Management

1-hour session

100 EUR

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