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I have been invited to share my take on Customer Success in several International Podcasts, Webinars, and articles. I have gathered them and some other free materials for you to start your learning journey on the right foot. 

You can also find links to the ebooks from the "Do you speak Customer Success?" series, parts 1 and 2, for future Customer Success Managers and CEOs, available on Amazon. 


What truly matters in Customer Success?

In this webinar hosted by Sessions, I'm talking about:

What Customer Success is (and what isn’t)

Why it is important to have a CS department in your company

When to implement CS

Who can perform a CS job and who can benefit from it

How to perform a CS job successfully: saying ‘NO’ to customer requests and measuring your success as a CSM

The difference between Customer Support and Customer Success

CS Principles - Relevant statistics

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A Masterclass in Customer Success

In this episode of the Bricks & Bytes Podcast, we discuss: 

How CS can result in improved customer retention and a higher customer lifetime value.

Why customer success is important and why startups NEED it

How small businesses can integrate customer success into their operations

Current and future trends in customer success

How to learn (and dream in) new languages 

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Success Stack

by EverAfter

Success Stack, by EverAfter, is the largest community-driven gallery of CS templates.


I have contributed a template that can be used to gain insights into the actions that should be taken by each department in the customer interaction process, both directly and indirectly. From the initial sales process to nurturing a happy and renewed account, it is crucial to ensure cross-functional alignment.

This template provides a structured framework for understanding and mapping out the customer interaction process across departments. By utilizing this template, you can identify the specific responsibilities and contributions of each department, ensuring a seamless and cohesive customer experience. 

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What role should Customer Success play during Customer Acquisition?

by Custify

To get an idea of the role that Customer Success should play in Customer Acquisition, Custify reached out to some of the brightest minds in the industry.

I shared my take on the topic and talked about the Ideal Customer Profile and Success Stories and how they can impact the Customer Acquisition Process.

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Gaining Customers' Trust
in collaboration with Mohammed Alqaq, by Monday Guest

In Customer Success, trust is vital. Without trust, no partnership is possible. But how can we gain and build customer trust, and why is it so important?

We live in some uncertain times. We need to build strong relationships and feel we can count on others, even though we are discussing personal or professional partnerships. At the core of any connection is trust. Trust enables communication, collaboration, transparency, and togetherness. 

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